Sanni Saarinen

Sanni Saarinen (born in 1979) is a Finnish documentary photographer based in Turku. She has a Masters degree in Comparative Religions from the University of Turku, Finland and a Masters degree in Photography from Efti, International Photography School in Madrid, Spain. 

She has worked years as a freelance photographer and journalist for the Finnish magazines, but concentrates currently on her personal long-term documentary photographic projects. She is interested in questions of identity, community and belonging in a world where people move and migrate increasingly more. 

Awards and Grants: 

Lens Culture Emerging Talent Award, 2018

Patricia Seppälä Foundation, 2018

JOKES, Journalistic Foundation,  2018

Finnish Foreign Ministry, 2014

Grant for Master Studies, Efti, International Photography School, 2012

Coming Exhibitions:

Lens Culture Emerging Talent, Klompching Gallery, New York, December 2018


Raw View Magazine #10, 2017

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