Sanni Saarinen

El Gallinero is a slum in the outskirts of Madrid. There live approximately 100 Roma families from Romania. 

They all have come to Madrid to look for better life, but ended up living in the margin of the society. 

The living conditions in their home country are even worse preventing them to go back. 

Life in El Gallinero is not seen as permanent: the houses are under constant demolition threat. 

Traditional nomadism has become more forced migration to these Roma people: the desperate need to look for economic survival pushes them to move around Europe constantly. 

While places are just places to pass by, not to belong, they do feel strong belonging to Roma identity. 

It is maintained and recreated in everyday life and has become the principal value of life. 

I made these portraits of Roma people of El gallinero in 2012 as my final work for my Master Studies of photography in Efti, Escuela de Fotografía, in Madrid.

Link to my work in Efti:

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